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Projects World has proven its ability to innovate and excel in the field of interior design consulting, furniture supply, and accessories. It stands out by providing comprehensive solutions for residential, office, commercial, and hospitality projects.


Our services are designed with a contemporary sensibility to be the comprehensive hub that offers you suitable solutions for all project stages:

Luxury Furniture

Design and Supply of Project Furniture

We assist you in selecting project furniture and provide it at the highest quality levels.

Luxury Furniture

Supporting international furniture brands in Saudi

Projects World takes pride in its strong and distinguished relationships with numerous European furniture manufacturers.

Luxury Furniture

Project Management

Project management encompasses tasks such as preparing specifications, quantities, cost estimates, and timelines, along with providing technical supervision throughout all project stages.


Venture into an exquisite universe of refined furniture and artfully orchestrated designs. With Projects World, each space is sculpted with a unique style that captures its inherent characteristics and serves as a reflection of your identity.

Global Brands

We take pride in our strong partnerships and exceptional relationships with leading European and international furniture brands. This enables us to offer a curated collection of contemporary furniture that embodies the unique balance between functionality, quality, and aesthetics. Our collaborations with renowned global brands ensure that our clients have access to a diverse range of furniture options that meet the highest standards of design, craftsmanship, and style.


Saudi Commission For Health Head Quarter

Location: Riydah – Saudi Arabia – Diplomatic Quarter

Year: 2023

Scope Of Work:

Luxury Furniture

Ministerial Office At Saudi Commission For Health / Diplomatic Quarter

Location: Riyadh – Saudi Arabia – Diplomatic…

Luxury Furniture

On going project

Diriyah Gate Project

Year: 2023

Location: Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Luxury Furniture

Saudi Commsion For Health

Location: Riydah – Saudi Arabia – Laysen Valley

Year: 2022

Scope Of Work: Layout, furnishing…

Luxury Furniture

International Equestrian Resort SPA

Location: Riydah – Saudi Arabia – Wadi Laban

Year: 2019

Scope Of Work: Layout ,…

Luxury Furniture

We are dedicated to innovation and fulfilling your vision.