Design and Supply of Project Furniture

We assist you in selecting project furniture and provide it at the highest quality levels.

The process begins with understanding the client’s preferences and project requirements, offering a range of diverse solutions to choose from. Once approved, the order is confirmed, and the manufacturing stages are closely monitored to ensure compliance with the required specifications. Delivery is scheduled according to the agreed-upon timeline, with shipping handled by specialized companies and comprehensive insurance coverage.

The furniture installation is carried out on-site by a dedicated team of skilled technicians.

Luxury Interiors
Luxury Interiors
Supporting international furniture brands in Saudi

Projects World takes pride in its strong and distinguished relationships with numerous European furniture manufacturers. It plays a strategic role in bridging the gap between these manufacturers and clients in the Saudi market, representing several exceptional brands in the Kingdom.

The company provides strategic support and marketing services to these manufacturers while striving to deliver the best services to interior design and decoration professionals in the Kingdom. This includes providing brochures, samples, and ensuring competitive value for their offerings. Additionally, customized shipping, delivery, and installation services are available, ensuring comprehensive support for both European companies and local clients.

Project Management

Projects World strives to provide comprehensive solutions to its clients by collaborating with outstanding local and international engineers, experienced and reputable contracting companies. It offers project management services starting from engineering design to execution and final delivery, including the supply of furniture, accessories, and finishing touches.

Project management encompasses tasks such as preparing specifications, quantities, cost estimates, and timelines, along with providing technical supervision throughout all project stages.

Luxury Interiors