Saudi Commision For Health

Saudi Commsion For Health

Location: Riydah – Saudi Arabia – Laysen Valley

Year: 2022

Scope Of Work: Layout, furnishing selection, fit out, SUPPLYING & installation

Furniture Style: Modern

Imported From Italy

Bio: Creating a welcoming and productive environment in common areas requires a focus on practicality, functionality, and visual appeal.
To achieve this, our approach was to design a modern and corporate ambiance that aligns with the client’s desired aesthetic. In order to enhance the functionality of the space, we sourced equistic solutions for the imported pods from Finland, specifically tailored for this project.
During the fitout phase, we incorporated contemporary materials like metal, marble, and polished wood. This selection was made to evoke a sense of sophistication and professionalism. By utilizing these materials, we aimed to create a visually appealing environment that exudes a modern and upscale atmosphere.